iDeal RV Models

iDeal Oasis

The iDeal Oasis will take you to your Oasis, whether it be a drive along the Indian Ocean Drive or an Aussie Outback road trip through the Matilda Way, choose the iDeal Oasis to be your home away from home. With an angled kitchen and our signature high standard luxury finish, the Oasis boasts an exceptional finish with a price to please too.

Rugged Extreme

Trek the great Australian desert in the iDeal Rugged Extreme, brimming with brawn for the avid adventurer, audacious and bold enough to take the off-road track but with an interior that epitomises luxury and comfort catering to the needs of contemporary travellers. Exquisite iDeal craftsmanship, never compromising on quality or luxury for strength, to allow you to maximise your Australian travelling experience.

family getaway

A nation founded upon the principles of family and the quality of life and a company embarking on a journey to assist its customers to create cherished family memories. The iDeal Family Getaway is crafted by the iDeal family to help you and your loved ones explore the beauty that is Australia this holiday season. Let us help you make the most of your family getaway. A blend of practicality and luxury, the Family Getaway should be your choice for holidaying.